video, HDV, 8 min, 2012
with english subtitles
in collaboration with artists from burkina faso

words are excerpts of the video the walk

A very cool evening.
I leave my home and go to the sound system
where djs lead the dance
suddenly, o.k
the colossus of Olos
what a bad luck
look a bit dirty
look a bit fascist
with shaven head
they pull their knives,
and I pull my words,
at that precise moment,
for sure we’re not equal

I can see in their game
they hate my race
Yo, this is Boris aka an by the woods
Art performance.“

Don’t touch my girl there,
dance with your girl
this is my girl, not yours
this is my girl, not yours
it´s a prostitute, a marketer, a pimp
Now bad boy, keep moving

the handshake, 2012, C-Print, 95 x 120 cm

hand painted ceramic, 2013, ca. 53 x 18 cm